[Maintenance 6:00 April 15] Big Merge Server April


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Hi Pirates,

Will be new adventures and challenges to become one of the world's strongest pirate so that Pirate King will bring good news to all of you.

Here is the server that we will do Merge Server is: 

S42 - S44 
S45 - S47
S48 - S50
S51 - S53

So with that will be done maintenance, Here time maintenance detail:

Time: 6:00 - 23:00 April 15 (maybe sooner than expected)

Server Maintenance: S42 - S53


What might be implemented in this Merge server process? Well, in short, this is the merging of data on the servers mentioned above. Well, for more information, see the information on each of the following:


✧ After Cross Server, the player can still Login on the Server button that was played before. Example: If the player from Luffy wants to enter the game, he can still choose the Luffy Server button on the server selection menu.

✧ If there are 2 same nicknames, the server number will be added to the back of the player nickname.

Example: server player 19 "Luffy", player server 20 "Luffy", after Merge, server player 19 meets server player 20, server player name 19 becomes "Luffy.s19". But players see their own character, their names don't change.

✧ This also applies to Guild names. For the same Guild name, the server number will be added to the back of the Guild name, such as the description for the Nickname above


✧ The following are important change points that will be applied when Cross Server:

- All emails will be deleted
- All Crew who are undergoing the Training Ground will be Canceled
- All data from Arena Battle will be deleted
- All data from Event Point Daily will be deleted 
- Battle log and Battlefield report will be deleted
- The World Boss will be the Boss level on the first Server
- All unclaimed prizes on the Gift house will be deleted
- Craftsman time on equipment production is set to the first server time.
- All Activities on the Shop will be deleted
- World resources and port resources data will be deleted


We also inform you that after the Cross Server process, characters who are in the all conditions below will be automatically deleted:


1. There is no log Top Up
2. Not logged in the last 45 days
3. Member or as a Guild President but the Guild only has 1 Player.


After completing a cross server, the Pirate King Team provides a number of compensation for all players, because for the current cross server it will take a long time (get ingame after completed maintenance)





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