To Captains all over the HAITACVIET World.
We will held a New Event called Sky Battle.
The event will be a 3 on 3 Tournament.
Curious about the system ? Check this out !


Event Name : Sky Battle I2g00Hm.jpg (58×59)
Event Period : 10:00 am Feb 03 -> 11:59 pm Feb 11


Captains can look for the icon and register for the event from Event button interface.


7AQ2p9b.jpg (673×474)


Captains must create a team like any other Team Battle Interface.


FKH1Ksc.jpg (552×435)


After creating a team, the Captain of the team will have to setup formation (like Bloody Battle)


ZOhUWGW.jpg (624×449)


And then all Captains have to wait until the Battle Time starts, but all Captains still can update the power (changing equipment, zodiac, and anything else that affect battle power).


0AXyQjs.jpg (674×476)


When the Points Race is start, the Captain of the team must enter the Point Match Interface by clicking this icon or entering via Event Button Interface.
The Points match will be like Bloody Battle where Captain can edit form, while the other 2 members can edit the equipment for their crews.


4RU4qmp.jpg (1261×649)


You can use ‘Information’ button to view your opponent info, and ‘Rematch’ button to refresh/change your opponent.
However you only get 3 free ‘view’ and ‘rematch’ or you can buy additional view and rematch using gold.


KT4xFnL.jpg (1261×649)


You only get 25 Challenge per day.
16 teams with highest point will be the winner of Points Match and advancing to Qualification Tournament.


NUnx494.jpg (1261×649)


In this tournament, the battle will be 1 on 1 between 3 person as a team.
The Captain of the team can decide the order of battle.
Note : It is 1 on 1 battle, so even if your first player in the team wins, he will NOT going against the second player on the enemy team. First vs First, Second vs Second, Third vs Third.


mcX01gg.jpg (1261×649)


Non-Participant in Qualification Tournament can cheer to get berry and fame.



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