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Hello Pirates,

- After a long adventure in the world of One Piece and through the many challenges facing, Surely you Pirates get so much experience. Being the strongest, of course, has become a necessity in this tough One Piece world.

- To prove your strength, the Pirate King Online HAITACVIET again presents exciting events for you One Piece Game lovers by presenting "King of Battle" as your event to notify the whole world that you are the greatest Pirates. What do you think? Here is an explanation of the King of Battle.


King of Battle will take place at: 10:00 am March 09  – 11:59 pm March 23


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- King of Battle is one of the activities between servers, where you can tournament with the other servers to prove that you are the strongest.

- King of Battle will be held on each server, but for King of Battle Cross Server will be held All Server.

For Rules of Event King of Battle you can immediately see the explanation below:


Rules King Of Battle


Application Stage:  11:09 am March 09 - 12:00 am March 10
- Players with levels above level 70 (including level 70 players), you can click on King of Battle "Apply" Button, players will be selected after registering, During registration if you want to do a Formation Update or Crew you can click on the button "Combat Information Update".

Power Info: Power, Crew, Pets, Equipment, Formation, Gems, etc.
- Combat Information Update: To ensure the latest data from the Player, every time you change or change something in your Character, you are required to do "Update Combat Information" to register your most recent Power data. If during the Registration Player, replace the formation or crew to increase power, and you do not update on "Update combat information, it will have a significant effect on the results of" King of Battle ".


Audition Stage: March 10 - March 11

- During this Audition Stage the player has already done "Apply" by clicking on the "Apply" button in "King of Battle". After you apply to the King of Battle, the player will fight with opponents chosen randomly by the system until the remaining 32 players will enter the New World Stage.
After the selection for Stage New World has finished, it will continue with the selection of 32 Names that will advance to the Great Route Stage. During the selection of 32 names, players who did not make it into the Stage New World will fight again to seize a place on the Stage Great Route.


Promotion Stage: March 11 - March 15
1/16: March 11 at 15:00 – 17:09
1/8: March 12 at 15.00 – 17:09
1/4: March 13 at 15:00 – 17:09
Semifinals: March 14 at 15:00 – 17:09
Final:  March 15 at 15:00 – 17:09


In this round the rules are the same as in the Tournament, the difference is having 5 Sections with 3 Rounds for the match, each section will take 6 minutes and 09 minutes for 1 Round. The New World Stage and Great Route Stage have the same rules; Each Round Player can Cheer to the Player they are proud of, if the Player you cheer enters into the next round you will get a Reward.


>>Reward: (View in game)

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King of battle Cross server


Application stage

- King of Battle Cross Server does not require registration, every 32 Winner from the New World Stage and Great Route Stage will automatically be registered as participants in the King of Battle Cross Server.
On the March 16 the fight will be stopped for 1 day so that the players who enter 32 Winner from New World Stage and Great Route Stage get the opportunity to strengthen their Power to compete in the King of Battle Cross Server.


Audition Stage: 3:00 pm March 18 - 11:09 am March 19

- King of Battle Cross Server will start Selection to determine 32 Players who will enter into the New World Stage and Great Route Stage.


Promotion Stage: March 19 - March 23
1/16: March 19 at 15:00 – 17:09
1/8: March 20 at 15:00 – 17:09
1/4: March 21 at 15:00 – 17:09
Semifinals: March 22 at 15:00 – 17:09
Final:  March 23 at 15:00 – 17:09

- It's time to determine the strongest Pirates in the entire ocean of the Pirate King, from 32 Names in each Stage, New World Stage and Great Route Stage, players can support other players to become Kings of the Sea of Pirate King.

Promote feelings:
- After King of Battle Cross Server, the Player can Prmote Feeling to the winners of King of Battle Cross Server, click "View Champion" → "promote feelings," you will pay several Berry and Gold to "promote feelings" and you will get an award, You can only do Promote Feeling 1x to each winner.


>>Reward: (View in game)

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