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Articles guide top-up game HaiTacViet.Com by buy Paypal, VCOIN, GATE Card, Zing Card & Viettel Card:

(In addition, you can also buy other cards are HaiTacViet.Com support Top-up as: Vina, Mobi)


I. GUIDE BUY CARD Paypal, VCOIN, GATE Card, Zing Card & Viettel Card


1. Top-Up By Paypal


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2. Website, where you can buy Vcoin card:

* SEAGM: https://www.seagm.com/v-coin-vnd

* ON9GAMER: https://www.on9gamer.com/directory/point_card/VCoin-VTC-(VN)/563

* MORE: GameCardVN, GameCard, ...


3. Website, where you can buy Zing card:

* SEAGM: https://www.seagm.com/zing-card-vn

* ON9GAMER: https://www.on9gamer.com/directory/point_card/Zing-Card-(VN)/623

* MORE: GameCardVN, GameCard, ...


4. Website, where you can buy Viettel card:

* SEAGM: https://www.seagm.com/viettel-prepaid-card

* ON9GAMER: https://www.on9gamer.com/directory/point_card/Viettel-Card-(VN)/662

* MORE: GameCardVN, GameCard, ...


5. Website, where you can buy GATE card:

* SEAGM: http://seagm.com/fpt-gate-card-vn

* ON9GAMER: https://www.on9gamer.com/directory/point_card/FPT-Gate-Card-(VN)/624

* MORE: GameCardVN, GameCard, ...


II. GUIDE Top-up Game with Vcoin, GATE Card, Zing Card & Viettel Card:

* After the successful purchase of GATE Card, Viettel Card you will be website sent information including Card code (Pin Num) and Serial number (Seri Num)


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Seagm sent information Card after successful payment



* Get the card information and use at Payment/Transaction at the homepage Haitacviet.com after login account


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3. Transfer Coins to Gold in game:

* After the successful top-up Coins, go to the Transaction tab to transfer Coins to Gold in game:


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HaiTacViet.Com - Webgame Pirate King New 2018

+ Play PC (Web): http://haitacviet.com/
+ Client: http://bit.ly/V3HTVclient
+ Play Mobile: http://bit.ly/HTVmobile
+ Groups: http://bit.ly/HTVgroups
+ Guide: http://bit.ly/HTVhuongdan